Dr. Norman Louis Guido

Dr. Norman Guido

Dr. Norman Louis Guido is unique - he excels in two Professions. He is a renowned Plastic Surgeon as well as a skilled Professional Artist. As an artist he excels in painting exquisite human figures with an eye for detail. The characters portray everyday activities in a gripping display of raw emotion. At the same time you cannot help admire the relaxed sensuous style intermingled with a hint of mysticism.

Dr. Norman’s themes narrate moods of aspiration, intense feeling, strife and loving abandonment as seen in his paintings like "Hercules", "Age of Innocence", "Despair", "Escape from Reality", and "The Kiss". The figures in his colourful canvasses are very unique in that they speak with their bodies. The women are elegantly slim, feminine, graceful and gentle, while the males are rugged and masculine. Quite characteristically the pulsating vibrant colours offset the pale skin of the characters creating a dramatic effect. 

Dr. Guido is currently Professor and Head of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Burns at St John’s Medical College Hospital, Bangalore, India. He has Headed this Department for almost 20 years and was responsible for getting the Department recognized for Mch Plastic Surgery. He has Guided about 5 – 6 Batches of Mch students so far.



Norman Guido,
34 M.E.G. Officers Colony,
Banaswadi Road,
Bangalore - 560033
Phone : +91-80-25478319
Mobile : +91-9880855688, 9901299127
Website: www.normanguidopaintings.com


By Allen Mendonca

Dr. Norman Guido is arguably the finest artist of Human Form in India

Her derriere peeks through diaphanous muslin. The bosom is picture – perfect Khajuraho, the nipples taut. A naughty smile plays upon her lips. Another woman, equally ethereal, stands by her side. Two nymphs in Dr. Norman Guido’s fascinating world of nudes.

Guido sure does know the human form. He’s one of Bangalore’s most illustrious Plastic Surgeons who as Professor and Head, Department of Plastic Surgery and Burn’s at the St. John’s Medical College Hospital has groomed scores of young surgeons in a career spanning nearly three decades. “ The human body is a beautiful form to paint. In the perfection of its purpose, I discover my muse as I conceptulasize Every new offering, laying brush to canvass,” he said in his studio Gallerie Chateau de Guido.

The walls are adorned with some of the most stunning nude’s I’ve seen in recent years. Guido’s visual chemistry is portraiture on whimsical landscapes, enriched with mysticism and powerful sesuality. In almost all his paintings Guido pays tribute to the resilience and courage of women. But he is at his best when he explores the erotic especially in a triptych of two young lovers entwined in the rapture of love – making and the lying down satiated. Any moment they look likely to step out of the painting, put on their clothes and go to work.

Out here, it’s his wife Dr. Shoba Guido, Professor and Head, Department of Pharmacology, St. John’s Medical College, who organizes his exhibitions and encourages him to paint vivid canvases.

                                                                                         Courtesy: Explocity – 080 Magazine


Anil Kumar - Art Critic & Art Historian at Chitrakala Parishath :

"Skilled Artist with a very unique style of painting which is different from any known contemporary Indian Artist of today. Works are powerful and passionate, shows light and shade influence of Rembrandt and a touch of Van Gough style."

Veena Shekar - Art Historian & Co-ordinator for History of Art at Bangalore University :

"Very Original and varied in theme".

Deccan Herald :

"Painting, for Norman Guido is a quest for beauty. The salient features of his paintings are the elegantly slim figures of young people".


In all his paintings Norman pays tribute to Indian Womanhood, where she is depicted as the victor and not the victim of life. With colours and brush, he places women on a pedestal with beauty, grace and love. In all his works, the women are self-possessed, confident and exude power. Guido says that he is committed to bringing to people joy, hope and strong positive messages through his paintings.

His paintings are also sold by art gallery - "Gallerie Chateau de Guido" which exhibits most of his works. The name of his Gallery originates from his ancestral home in Asagao in Goa before the turn of 1900 and subsequently his home in Bombay, (today known as Mumbai) which bears the same name and where he was born. The Gallery houses his studio where he paints into the wee hours of the morning. Also a consummate musician, he accompanies himself on the guitar.


Born in 1948 in Bombay, Norman Guido has been painting since he was a child.

His talents are inherited from his parents – his mother (ninety plus) studied Fine Art at the J.J School of Art Bombay, and music (L.T.C.L) and was a music teacher. His father (ninety one and a half years) has a phenomenal ear for music and is an accomplished musician. Norman is one of seven siblings who are settled all over the world. The eldest twins, were among the first batch of students in Fine Arts at Stella Maris, Madras (now Chennai) during which time Norman as a young boy, used to pore over their colour atlases and books of paintings by the great masters who influenced his paintings greatly even as a teenager.



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